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"Go East, Young Man". China wants you. Job prospects are abundant. The effects of the Great Recession of 2008 may be felt in the United States for years, but they barely scratched China

levine jonathan Jon Levine

I've been teaching in China for a few years and have plans to stay here and become fluent in Mandarin. I have now started my own business and it's exciting to see how it grows.

joefink Joe Finkenbinder

After a year spent living and teaching in a big city in China, I would totally recommend it. As an EFL teacher, the experience, the salary and the easy life here are hard to resist.

Vlad Vlad Mesina

Living in China is being a part of the world's most exciting socioeconomic transition. Opportunities abound,  there is great food to be eaten and friends to be made. It's the opportunity of a lifetime!

Nathalie Nathalie Johnston

Living and teaching in China has given me the opportunity to develop as a professional, while discovering a fascinating country. There is never a dull moment; get ready to work without a printer ;)!  

Paula Paula Verdu

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Blue collar, white collar…

Silk collar is when Westerners, typically Americans move to Asia for work. They are educated, ambitious, brave and open-minded. It's not blue nor white collar job, silk collar job is something that gives you an opportunity to make money and launch your career or take it to the new heights.

Jon tells you a little about work life in China. It's definitely not easy, there are ups and downs. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to pay back your student loans or any other debt, save up and have a good life.